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Green Forest and Russett Park Comparison Surveys

Surveys are being conducted at Green Forest and Russett Park to compare the viability of sticky traps versus lure surveys, in an effort to determine which method is better at detecting yellow crazy ants in low numbers. Sticky traps (pictured bottom left) are small metal boxes with (cat food and jam) bait inside and are designed to be left out for days sampling ants. Lure surveys use the same bait but placed on the ground to the size of a 10c piece and left for an hour to be later checked for yellow crazy ants (pictured bottom right).

Both survey methods are being used simultaneously to test the probability of detecting yellow crazy ants in low numbers at Green Forest and Russett Park. The results will be analysed by James Cook University and will inform the best survey method for detecting yellow crazy ants when they’re in low numbers. This is the latest research being done to further our knowledge and confidence in eradicating yellow crazy ants. Both sites are visited every week by the Wet Tropics Management Authority’s monitoring team to check the traps, reset the traps, lure survey and collect the results. Yellow crazy ants are being detected at both sites, using both methods and can be seen visually. The comparison surveys started in early September and are expected to finish in late November.

Surveying the Barron River for Yellow Crazy Ants

The YCA eradication program and the local Bulmba Rangers will be working together to survey the Barron River at Kuranda from Russett Park to the weir this November. Lure surveys will be conducted along the northside of the river to determine whether yellow crazy ants were washed downstream from the infestation at Russett Park due to this year’s flooding event. Our Taskforce will be involved in notifying residents about the survey and when the survey teams will be moving through the area. More details will be coming soon. Let me know if you’re interested in being part of this event.

Whitfield and Edge Hill Pocket Gardens

Thanks to success with the Holloways Beach Community Garden, our Taskforce has been invited to visit gardeners at the Whitfield and Edge Hill Pocket Gardens this November. Pocket gardens add plants to small and unexpected ways to a landscape. In this case, unused land adjacent to homes is being utilised for a community garden. Visiting community garden groups is all part of our mission to spread the word about yellow crazy ants and continue the search in areas unchecked. In doing so, we’ll have more eyes on the ground looking for ants. I’m looking for a couple of taskforce members to join me.

The bonANTza Eco-Hunt is Here

We’re calling all eco-adventurers to take the quest to discover, map and ultimately protect their local environment. QuestGame with Wet Tropics Management Authority launched a Bio-Quest nature game app from now to the 31 October. You can download the app for free online- its a David Attenborough cross Pokémon GO online game.

So get up, get out there, have fun and explore our Wet Tropics. Players can compete to find and photograph (and/or identify) as many different species of ants as they can during the month of October, with great prizes up for grabs. Click here to find out more.

Our Story: Waterway Warriors

Our Taskforce along with other not-for-profit groups have partnered with Cairns and Far North Environment Centre to deliver the online screening of Our Story: Waterway Warriors. The premiere is on the 21st of October 6:30 pm on a virtual Facebook event called a Watch Party. All you need to do is click ‘Going’ on the event page and you will be prompted on facebook to watch the screening when the time comes. Visit to attend. And while you are there, like it and share, we want everyone to watch it.

Online Survey Reminder

Last chance to have your say! Taskforce member or not, your opinion counts. Thank you to those who have already completed it, it takes less than 5mins to complete. Our Taskforce is rebranding and we need your input. Take the survey, click the button below.

On a final note, (thanks for making it this far) I will be away from the 16th -29th Oct. If you are interested in any of our upcoming events, like surveying the Barron River and/or the Pocket Garden visits. Send me an email and I’ll eventually get back to you with more details.

Ciara Bridgland

Yellow Crazy Ant Community Taskforce Coordinator

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