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Our Activities

Sometimes we get active, other times we educate, but we always work with you.

We Get Active - Invasive ant hunt days

Being out and searching for invasive ants is what you can expect from an ant hunt day. We may be searching in known areas of invasive ants or checking areas not yet searched. The aim is to find new infestations of yellow crazy ants, or other invasive ants, map our search points and collect ant samples for identification.

We Find Ants

Using Sticky Traps – In areas where yellow crazy ants have been detected before we use ant traps to trap them. First we need to make the traps, during a workshop, then set them out in the environment with a lure to attract ants.

Using Lures – A small amount of catfood-jam mixture is placed on the ground and left for an hour, we come back and check for ants and collect the species of ants attracted.

We Educate

hold community education days

Come together to learn about invasive ants found in our area. Our aim is to increase your confidence in recognising invasive ants, especially yellow crazy ants, in your backyard. This is a fun event with presentations, ant games and microscopes.

We Connect With Community

  • By visiting volunteer groups and sharing what we know about yellow crazy ants
  • Being present at local festivals to showcase our projects
  • Demonstrating lure surveys with students in the schoolyard
  • Helping affected residents to manage their properties
  • Educating about stopping the spread of yellow crazy ants

If you think you have found yellow crazy ants

collect and specimen and report them to the Yellow Crazy Ant Eradication Program
on 1800 CRAZY ANT or 07 4241 0525