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You can make a difference and contribute to the eradication of yellow crazy ants from the Wet Tropics by getting involved.

We are an active, friendly and fun group of weekend worriers who are participating in activities that make a real difference. Join us for indoor and outdoor adventures followed by homemade scones “that are out of this world” and coffee that continues to improve.

We are helping protect the world’s oldest continuously surviving tropical rainforest and all its unique wildlife.

Join Us

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What activities do you like?
How would you like to help?

If you think you have found yellow crazy ants

collect a specimen and report them to the Yellow Crazy Ant Eradication Program
on 1800 CRAZY ANT or 07 4241 0525

Are you in Townsville?

If you live in Townsville and want to help, you can join the battle against yellow crazy ants by joining the Invasive Species Council’s Townsville Yellow Crazy Ant Community Taskforce.

They’re always looking for more volunteers to work on this incredibly important project.