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Check out what we've been up to from January to March 2024

The Taskforce in January 2024

Kuranda yellow crazy ant infestations update

There are currently three yellow crazy ant infestations in the Kuranda region. The Wet Tropics Management Authority has been actively working on these sites since 2014, when the Russett Park infestation was first discovered. Green Forest was the second site, discovered in 2019, and more recently, an infestation in Myola was discovered in 2021.  

Russett Park 

Russett Park is receiving its next annual survey in April/May 2024 to check for the presence or absence of yellow crazy ants. In the last annual survey in March 2023, a small patch of yellow crazy ants was detected, which has been spot treated. 

Green Forest 

Yellow crazy ants were detected in Jan 2024 at a complex rainforest site in the Green Forest area. The persistent patch of yellow crazy ants was thankfully reported to the Authority by the property owner, highlighting the importance of reporting suspect sightings. This site is an existing infestation area and spot treatment has already been completed. A full annual survey of this site will be going ahead in April/May 2024, weather permitting. 


No yellow crazy ants were detected during limited survey efforts at the Myola site in December 2023. Surveys were started in December 2023 but were interrupted by the wet season.  The next full survey of this site will go ahead in April 2024. 

Have you seen yellow crazy ants? Please report any suspected sightings to the Wet Tropics Management Authority at, or call 07 4241 0525.  

Position Vacant

The Taskforce is saying goodbye to its coordinators, Ciara Bridgland and Sylvia Conway, who have been at the helm of the Taskforce over the past seven years! The time has come for some fresh enthusiasm and opportunity for the new incoming coordinator.  

Odour detection dogs sniffing for yellow crazy ants

After the recent heavy rains from ex-tropical cyclone Jasper, the Wet Tropics Management Authority’s canine detection teams have been working in the Kuranda area with CleanCo Queensland and Queensland Rail to check for any potential movement of yellow crazy ants. All four dogs helped in the search. No yellow crazy ants were detected. The canine detection team will return to the area soon to check the clean-up piles for yellow crazy ants.  

Invasive ants can be carried long distances in debris and floodwater.  

Forest Solutions FNQ – Toolbox Talk

The Taskforce teamed up with Forest Solutions FNQ on 25 January in Kuranda to talk about invasive ants. Gary Morton from Biosecurity Queensland presented live electric ants and Taskforce coordinator Ciara Bridgland presented live yellow crazy ants at the toolbox presentation.  

The 15-20min talk covered live ants, infestation areas in Kuranda, approved waste transfer stations, permits to move carriers in restriction zones, who to report to, and the environmental, social and economic impacts of yellow crazy ants and electric ants.  

The Taskforce would like to thank Forest Solutions FNQ, @forestsolutionsfnq, for doing their bit to protect the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area, their customers and their business from the threat of invasive ants. 

If you own a landscaping, earthmoving, or raw materials business or a business in plants and garden care, please get in touch to book your free toolbox talk. It’s worth it to keep yourself and customers safe from an invasive ant infestation. Call the coordinator on 0474 560 700 to book a toolbox talk. 

The Taskforce in February 2024

‘An Ant’s World’ - Ant Ecology Talk

Ants are fundamental to ecosystem function and biodiversity. These tiny environmental engineers turn over soil and cycle nutrients, disperse seeds, protect plants, feed on pests such as termites, and are food for frogs, echidnas and other wildlife. Plus, they do so much more for the ecosystem. 

Ant species are also incredibly diverse. Their unique adaptations, fascinating behaviours, and complex societies make ants one of the wonders of our natural world. 

DID YOU KNOW… There are over 14,000 ant species globally. In Australia, we have over 1,600 described ant species, with an incredible 1,406 (87%) of those endemic (found nowhere else in the world). 

 On 17th February Jules Seabright, a team leader from the Wet Tropics Management Authority, presented a captivating ant ecology talk as part of our annual Ant ID workshop event. 

Attendees also got to see live yellow crazy ants, electric ants, and diverse native ants of the Wet Tropics, up, close, and personal – and view ants under the microscope. 

We also heard updates on the Wet Tropics Management Authority’s Yellow Crazy Ant Eradication Program, plus Biosecurity Queensland’s update, by Gary Morton, on the National Electric Ant Eradication Program. 

 The talks were followed by a lure survey capturing a diverse range of native ants present around the Kuranda Recreation Centre, where we hosted the event. This was followed by a delicious BBQ lunch.  

If you missed out this year, don’t worry. We will be back next year with another exciting event focused on ants, their amazing place in our ecosystems, and how we can play our part in protecting our Wet Tropics rainforest home.  

The Taskforce in March 2024

Koah Markets

The Taskforce had the pleasure of attending the first Koah Market for 2024 on 2 March. We had the usual suspects there: live yellow crazy ants! 

Punters visited to check out the ants, learn about where the infestations are, and how to protect their patch. The one-on-one with community, is what it’s all about.  

The Taskforce monthly survey takes a new direction

For the past two years, we have been undertaking a monthly survey along the banks of Kuranda creeks to check for both invasive yellow crazy ants and electric ants in Kuranda tree frog habitat. Theses ants are a huge threat to our endemic rainforest frogs of the Wet Tropics, and to many other species of wildlife too.  

The great news is we didn’t find any invasive ants, so we are moving in another direction: toward sidewalk surveys. You can expect to see our pink flags along your street. The flags mark ant lures of cat food and jam, and sausage, which are used to detect the presence or absence of yellow crazy ants and electric ants. These surveys will give us greater opportunity to engage with more of you local folks, and you are all invited to join in on the fun.  Our first Sidewalk Survey will be on Saturday 27 April 2024. 

With invasive ants on the move, the most important message right now in the Kuranda region is: if you plan to swap, sell or give away pot plants or cuttings PLEASE get them checked first. You can also get a FREE yard check and do your bit to protect our precious Wet Tropics World Heritage Area.  

Call Biosecurity Queensland 13 25 23 to book your free yard check now or to get your own self-surveillance kit for free. 

Barron River survey coming up

A heads up: the Barron River shoreline from the headwaters of Russett Park infestation area to the weir will be surveyed for yellow crazy ants by Wet Tropics Management Authority in the coming months.  

A courtesy notification to residents with properties adjacent to the Barron River, will be notified on either Facebook’s Kuranda Notice Board and a letter in the mailbox of residents who may be affected.  

Yellow crazy ants may have washed downstream with the recent flooding. This survey aims to pick up any yellow crazy ants that could have established themselves further downstream.

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Kuranda Sidewalk survey 

Volunteers wanted for our survey crew 

Where: Kuranda village

When:  27 April 2024  

No experience necessary. Training provided on the day.  

Lunch and morning tea included 

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    On a final note

    The Yellow Crazy Ant Community Taskforce is a community-run organisation that assists the Wet Tropics Management Authority in managing the yellow crazy ant infestations in Kuranda.

    Volunteers are involved in many aspects of the program including undertaking regular monitoring activities, completing surveys, and attending community engagement activities and events.

    We search for both yellow crazy ants and electric ants.

    To report illegal dumping contact Mareeba Shire Council on 1300 308 461.

    Report yellow crazy ants call 1800 CRAZY ANT

    To volunteer with the Yellow Crazy Ant Community Taskforce call 0474 560 700, email  or visit @ycacommunitytaskforce Facebook page.

    Ciara Bridgland

    Yellow Crazy Ant Community Taskforce Coordinator

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