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Report yellow crazy ants

Have you noticed the new yellow crazy ant banner on the Kennedy Highway near Kuranda? Yellow crazy ants are a huge threat to the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area. They are listed as one of the world’s 100 worst invasive species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

Due to human-assisted movements, they have been making themselves a home in Kuranda and the Wet Tropics Management Authority would like to hear from anyone who may have spotted a yellow crazy ant. Yellow crazy ants were first discovered in Cairns in 2001. They are thought to have arrived in the Cairns port and later in 2014, they were discovered in Russett Park near Kuranda by a local resident. Community support is vital and greatly appreciated in stopping the spread of invasive ants. To report suspected yellow crazy ant sightings, call 1800 CRAZY ANT.

Tropical Tree Day

The annual Tropical Tree Day event held by Cairns Regional Council and Skyrail attracted 150 volunteer tree planters with just over 1,100 native trees planted in less than two hours. The Wet Tropics Management Authority’s live yellow crazy ants survived the heat, with many tree planters stopping by to learn how to identify the ant. Biosecurity Queensland were also there with their live electric ant display, allowing observers to identify and compare the two invasive ant species. The yellow crazy ant mask giveaways were popular, along with the car bumper stickers and brochures that were aimed at raising awareness about yellow crazy ants and the threats they pose to the environment, lifestyle and the economy.

Upcoming Surveys

In early December 2021, the Wet Tropic Management Authority’s Yellow Crazy Ant Eradication Program field team treated the Myola infestation and with the support of NQ Land Management Services, conducted surveys of the surrounding area which confirmed no presence of yellow crazy ants outside of the infestation area.  With much more terrain to survey, the Yellow Crazy Ant Community Taskforce is calling for volunteers to support the Program by assisting with ant surveys around the Kuranda area.  Yellow crazy ants have been known to wash down waterways and establish colonies further downstream so it is important to survey these potential areas. Yellow crazy ants pose a risk to native wildlife including the endemic and critically endangered Kuranda tree frog. Due to this threat, surveys of known frog habitats will be conducted.

Disposing green waste in Kuranda

Free Domestic Green Waste Disposal Days – Kuranda and Mareeba Transfer Stations:

Saturday 2 April and Sunday 3 April 2022

We don’t want yellow crazy ants or electric ants to spread due to illegal dumping.

For residents living in the Russett Park and Green Forest and Myola infestation areas, please continue to dispose of your green waste responsibly by taking it to the waste transfer station, keeping in mind your two per year free disposals, or dispose of your green waste through composting or burning responsibly on your property. Please do not illegally dump or let your green waste wash down a waterway. This notification also applies to Kuranda residents living in electric ant restriction zones.

To get your green waste checked call 1800 CRAZY ANT

To report illegal dumping contact MSC on 1300 308 461

Volunteer with us

Volunteer and join the Taskforce or stay informed about yellow crazy ants

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The Community Taskforce is a community-run organisation that assists the Wet Tropics Management Authority in managing the yellow crazy ant infestations in Kuranda. Volunteers are involved in all aspects of the program, including undertaking monitoring activities, completing surveys of known infestation areas and surrounding areas.
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    To volunteer with the Yellow Crazy Ant Taskforce you can call (07) 4093 8989 or join the Yellow Crazy Ant Community Taskforce Facebook page.

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