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Check out what we've been up to in April 2023

Russett Park update

The recent survey at Russett Park in March, discovered a small patch of yellow crazy ants in the centre of the infestation area which will require a targeted spot treatment by hand. Two years ago, yellow crazy ants were detected in the same location and spot treatments were applied to the site.  Small, remnant populations detected during the eradication process are neither uncommon nor unexpected and these are targeted for detailed spot treatments. Yellow crazy ants were not detected at the site in 2022. This demonstrates the need for ongoing surveys.

When yellow crazy ants are in very low numbers, they become difficult to detect. The Wet Tropics Management Authority’s Yellow Crazy Ant Eradication Program uses multiple tools to improve the probability of detecting persistent populations including the use of odour detection dogs. Before declaring eradication, there must be several consecutive surveys detecting absence of yellow crazy ants over a period of several years.

The Wet Tropics Management Authority has developed a thorough evaluation process that guides decision-making for moving individual treatment areas from detection through to eradication. This process identifies five management phases divided into fourteen stages, from detection of an infestation to delimitation, treatment, surveillance, post treatment validation and finally the declaration of eradication.

The Russett Park infestation was discovered in 2014 and is moving into the final stages of eradication. As yellow crazy ant populations are reduced, infestation areas shrink, and bait application is reduced to spot treatments, limiting the need for aerial application.

Green Forest update

The annual survey at Green Forest has again shown no sign of yellow crazy ants, with both lure survey and odour detection dogs only producing negative results.

Yellow crazy ants were first detected in Green Forest in 2019 and the same intensive management as Russett Park has been underway. Thanks to the splendid work of the Wet Tropics Management Authority’s Yellow Crazy Ant Eradication Program, this site is also in the later stages of eradication.

The infestation at Myola has had its third broad scale hand treatment indicating early stages of eradication and that is to be expected as this infestation was more recently discovered in 2021. The yellow crazy ants were active with the warm weather and treatment was successful with conditions dry enough to treat.

Thank you to residents in all infestation areas for your patience and understanding. The weather did change plans, so your cooperation and flexibility made it easy to reschedule survey dates. Your support is greatly appreciated.

KTF (Kuranda Tree Frog) habitat survey #2

The next Kuranda Tree Frog creek survey will be at Queen Creek 29 April 2023 @ 8 am – 12 noon. There are 4 positions available on our team of six. No experience is necessary, but a medium level of fitness is required.

Lunch is always provided, and we suggest bringing a small backpack to carry your water bottle and personal belongings. Sturdy footwear, long pants and sleeves, gloves, hat and eye protection also make for a safer day. We will have spare gloves and cold water to top up your water bottle with.

Here are the dates for our upcoming monthly KTF Surveys in 2023. I hope to see you at one or all.

  • Survey #1 – Sat 18 March – Owen Ck
  • Survey #2 – Sat 29 April – Queens Ck
  • Survey #3 – Sat 27 May – Queens Ck
  • Survey #4 – Sat 24 June – Mantaka Ck
  • Survey #5 – Sat 29 July – Mantaka Ck
  • Survey #6 – Sat 26 August – TBC
  • Survey #7 – Sat 23 Sep -TBC

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Rotary FNQ Field Days

Volunteers wanted for Thursday and Friday shifts, lunch and travel expenses included.

Where: Mareeba Rodeo Grounds

When: Wednesday 24- Friday 26 May | 9 am – 4 pm |

Kuranda Treefrog habitat (KTF) monthly survey  

Volunteers wanted for our survey crew

Where: Queen Creek, Oak Forest Rd, Kuranda

When: Saturday 29 April 2023 | 8am – 12pm |

Moderate level of fitness required

No experience necessary; all training provided on the day.

Lunch included


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    On a final note

    The Yellow Crazy Ant Community Taskforce is a community-run organisation that assists the Wet Tropics Management Authority in managing the yellow crazy ant infestations in Kuranda.

    Volunteers are involved in many aspects of the program including undertaking regular monitoring activities, completing surveys, and attending community engagement activities and events.

    We search for both yellow crazy ants and electric ants.

    To report illegal dumping contact Mareeba Shire Council on 1300 308 461.

    Report yellow crazy ants call 1800 CRAZY ANT

    To volunteer with the Yellow Crazy Ant Community Taskforce call (07) 4093 8989, email  or visit @ycacommunitytaskforce Facebook page.

    Ciara Bridgland

    Yellow Crazy Ant Community Taskforce Coordinator

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